Joey Bennett is well known around the Texas Capitol for his deep historical knowledge of the political process and the institution of Texas state government. Furthermore, his mastery of the legislative process has been amassed through nearly 25 years of experience in and around the Texas Legislature. This experience has been gained through Mr. Bennett’s service on the staffs of four different members of the Texas Senate, a senior strategic and advocacy position at a major public affairs firm, and having built his own successful governmental relations firm over the last eight years.

Mr. Bennett provides representation for advocacy of a number of different issues, along with strategic advice and counsel for a number of different clients and subject matters. He has been instrumental in affecting many of the top issues facing Texas over the last 25 years including state taxation, property rights policy, proper and sensible regulation of businesses, commercial and economic development, and utility regulation. He has also established himself as an effective manager of multi-party efforts, having demonstrated the ability to effectively coordinate legislative efforts involving a variety of interests and stakeholders.

With the extensive institutional knowledge and experience in such a wide variety of subject matters, Mr. Bennett’s clients benefit from his ability to effectively advocate for the passage of legislation, as well as defense of current law. In addition, Mr. Bennett has the experience and expertise to continue his advocacy efforts beyond the legislative session. This includes his ability to assist clients in the navigation of the state agency process, monitoring the implementation of new laws, and the necessary involvement in the legislature’s interim process of committee hearings to review and study policy proposal and initiatives.

This involvement over a 25 year period in all aspects of state government has allowed Mr. Bennett to amass a network of contacts among the key leaders in state government and in the private sector. Through these relationships and experience, Mr. Bennett has become recognized as a respected and savvy advocate in this arena of state politics.

Mr. Bennett is happily married with two children and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Texas at Austin

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